Alejandro Berlino Official Site

Alejandro Berlino is a catalan artist based on Berlin. 

He was born on a small village north Barcelona, surrounded by natural landscapes, not far from Salvador Dali home town.

He studied art from a young age with a few art teachers before been accepted at the Fine Arts School of Olot.

 When he turned 19, he started traveling around Europe, living in many cities, painting and working as a chef for several years. Few years later, he started as a street artist around many countries to learn the different cultures, lights and views from the beauty of the landscapes.

He has been painting and exhibiting his art on Ireland, uk, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy.

On 2018, he decided move to Berlin, to get inspired by its art scene and develop his art skills to a new level, mixing everything he learned on his years traveling.


Phone: (49) 015214074737

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